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Unable to login

Started by jacek2, November 12, 2007, 04:22:03 AM

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Hey Xepher,

I feel like I've tried everything that I could have ever possibly picked as a password, and it's still keeping me out. It's possible that I've managed to just not remember what I chose for the server change, and if that's the case, I hate bringing it to your attention and wasting your time, but I'm fairly certain that I remember what my selection was. I appreciate any assistance you can give me. Any security questions can be e-mailed to yallsickATyahooDOTcom.



What are you trying to log in to? User services on the web? Or are you trying SCP/SFTP? If it's the latter, try connecting to "" instead of just "" for now, as there's a problem with DNS right now... the registrar has broken my domain. Also, if it's SFTP, it will lock you out after 5 bad guesses for 5 hours or so. Contact me on AIM if you can ("Xepher42") and I can figure out exactly what's happening.


I notice that it did lock you out earlier, but it should be open to try again. You may have gotten the right password after the first 5 tries, but by then it was locked out based on your IP. If you want to try guessing a few more times, try logging into member services, as that has no max-tries. If you still can't get it, email me and I'll send it to you.


I'm having the same problem... I know what my password is, because I've tried it and it works in the member services.  However, it still won't let me log in for some reason.  It just gives me a "connection refused". 
At first I thought it was my router because it blocks access to dreamhost, but I tried it on my school computer, and it still doesn't work. :/  Any ideas?


1. Are you connecting to (instead of just "", which is broken right now because of the DNS problems)
2. Have you maybe tried the wrong password to start with, and gotten locked out? 5 bad tries on SSH locks you out for 5 hours.


I was trying instead of just, it still hasn't worked. :(
I thought that maybe I got locked out, but I just tried it on my school comp, which has a different IP, but it still didn't work.  Does it lock out my account entirely?


No, no IPs are currently locked out. You are connecting to port 22 (ssh/scp/sftp) right? Not trying the now-defunct FTP? What program are you using? If you get this soon, I'm on AIM right now and that might be quicker... SN: Xepher42


Sorry, I don't have AIM...
I am trying port 22, and I'm using sftp on my school's ftp program, but at home I use winscp.  I've tried both scp and sftp, at both port 21 and 22, and neither work. :(
At school I use Transmit, there's an sftp option, and at home I use WinSCP.
Sorry that this is such a pain...  Just that my site's been down for almost a week and I'm desperate to fix it.


I'm using WinSCP. I can log into "fesworks" but not "ardra". I get the same result: "Connection Refused".

I ended up changing the main password to the database password for I could get the Ardra forum back up. (instead of changing it in the config, which I did with "fesworks").

So, yea...

I currently have selections for both of my WinSCP as: "" and ""

hmmm.. odd... I just noticed that the "transfer protocol" for fesworks is listed as "SCP" and the Ardra one is, for some reason "SFTP (SCP)"...

hang on, lemme change it if I can....

Yep! that did the trick!

hopefully that helps you too.


Oh, it finally worked!


Hmm, that's a bit odd, it should work with either. I use SCP on the command line all the time, so I know that works, but I sure thought sftp should be working too. Did you perhaps have the wrong port for SFTP? It should still be port 22 (same as scp.)

EDIT: I know SFTP works... the log files are full of messages for "SFTP session started for user:xxxx" and I just tried ti myself as well. Bizzare. Probably was the port thing I mentioned above, or maybe you'd managed to lock yourselves out and now after waiting the 5 hours, the lockout went off. I don't know.