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Today's new word is...

Started by Xepher, November 06, 2007, 03:39:22 AM

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... Dyslexify!

QuoteThe irony about living in "The Hill Country" is that it's easy to dyslexify to "The Hell Country."
     --Xepher, 5 minutes ago, on the internet (p.42)


This tome of Xepher is too deep for me.

Is it that hills are demonic and should be avoided at all costs?


>Is it that hills are demonic and should be avoided at all costs

That depends on whether one means the 'old' Hill Country, with its cactus-eating demon-eyed angora goats and banjo-playing road-cast-of-Deliverance locals; or the 'new' Hill Country, where if one stands still, one is likely to be covered in asphalt and 'Strip Mauled'...



Heheh... Nice! :-P

To clarify the situation though, I'm currently living outside of San Antonio Texas, a region that prides itself on the title "The Hill Country" (they've never seen actual mountains) and I really dislike living here. Thus, "The Hell Country." I think it would actually be more fun with demonic goats though. The goats we had were merely smelly, and, at worst, filthy.


... Chess-Boxing

Opponents enter the ring, and alternate between rounds of boxing and rounds of chess.


I'm all for it, especially if all of the chess rounds end in one of the boxers dramatically throwing the entire board to the side, and lunging for the other.


I honestly can't picture it ending any way BUT that. :-P


... Sams0wned!

See the #2 spot in this list.

Note: Contains NSFW (but biblical) language.