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Global Warming

Started by Xepher, December 02, 2007, 05:29:25 AM

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Generally, I'm all for it... but it's near midnight, in December, and raining even... yet I just had to turn on my AC to keep from sweating in my own apartment. It's currently 74f (23C) outside. I think I'm gonna have to move to Alaska. :-)


Yeah, well, it's a nice balmy 40 degrees Fahrenheit here. In California. Where it almost never goes below 50 in winter (at least where I live). And tomorrow, I bet you ten bucks it'll suddenly go back up to 70. It has before, that's for sure. It was sunny and hot in the middle of November, and that just doesn't happen.

The rest of the world gets global warming, Santa Cruz gets local insanity. (well, more than usual, I mean.)
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I'd's supposed to be 25F here tonight.
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It is soooo cold here. Global warming will be nice for a couple years though, or however long it ends up lasting =)
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