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The Shifter Archive

Started by fesworks, December 05, 2007, 04:04:34 PM

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Username: jennyeverywhere

E-Mail: fesworks AT-SYMBOL gmail DECIMAL-POINT com

Site Description:

"The Shifter Archive" is to take over what "" used to be, and more. Jenny Everywhere is a open source comic super hero that also goes by the name "The Shifter". There are dozens of webcomic stories, cameos, and artwork of this character, and I have created an all-inclusive and comprehensive website for them.

It has received praise and support from several of the people who helped create the concept of Jenny Everywhere, including Steven Wintle (which used to run when it was up), as well as several independent story creators of hers, such as Nelson Evergreen, Tony Wolf, John Miers, Benj Christiansen, and The Mortician. (I might be missing a few names).

Presently, the archive is up to date, and may need to have the main page redone to load faster, as well as a few tweakings here and there. But the site is ready to go, and I can't think of a better example (of at least any other project I have been working on to date), that would be best suited for it's own account, than this comprehensive Jenny Everywhere website, or rather "The Shifter Archive".

Free Hosting For Free Thinking, and THE Free Open Source Comic Super Hero!

Complete site here:


I'm gonna approve it. Gimme another day or so to poke at my script automation and actually add the account though. Apparently the last account I added with the new script had the whole password botched up, and I'm not sure why yet.



Should be added, and you should have an email.


yes thank you!

and with any luck, everything should be ported over already :D