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The Foxfire Chronicles (application)

Started by Turnsky, December 08, 2007, 11:10:36 AM

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Username: foxfire

email: Foxfire AT kaerwyn DOT com

Description Foxfire is a weekly comic (twice weekly if i get around to it), the basic story is; five strangers kidnapped by a shadow organization and turned into canids. Now their fight to keep their humanity and freedom starts. it's just a good (fairly clean) fun adventure comic, all i can say is, have a look, and decide for yourself.  :)

Technical Details: i'm fairly proficient in website design and coding (attested to how i can work around comicgen's annoying useful site tags), as for a comic loader script, i'm fairly sure i could retrofit my current site's design and fnargle something into submission.



yes, me!

Mwuahahahahaha! *thunderclap*   :P


Alright, guess I'll throw my couple cents out there...

I've read the comic already, kept up.  Good work there, lots of improvement.  It's occasionally difficult to tell what's going on, but beyond that...

The site works, which is good.  I've worked with ComicGenesis myself (albeit briefly, before they borked my login), so I know it's weird.  The tags were anything but intuitive, if I recall., that'd be a thumbs-up from me...


Reinder Dijkhuis
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Alright, I'm impressed enough with how long you've kept it up, as well as the significant improvement in art between the early comics and the new ones. You're in. You should have an email shortly with login info.

EDIT: I accidentally sent the email from my personal account. Just note that for hosting-related issues, please use admin@... instead. Thanks.