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Cleaning up PHP $_GET URLs

Started by yny-u, December 09, 2007, 11:30:17 PM

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I hope you know I have no idea what you just said. :V

(Also, this part of my site isn't running on a real formal CMS - just CuteNews. The actual Wordpress install is in my archives, and if I were using WP to power my entire site(s) I wouldn't even be using CN.)

I'm getting a real "leave ugly URLs as is" vibe here. If I wanted to change it I'd have to get into how CN is written, and, well, I don't want to, lol.
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Ah! For the record, I found out there's a hack for this already. Didn't think there would be, but there you go.

By rights I shouldn't be using CuteNews at all, but it's just so dang convenient. I mean, you command so much control over it... (when you've nabbed a few people who can hack code)

Interestingly, however, as nice as those cleaned-up URLs are, I just realized that this hack causes all my CSS'd images and links to be horribly broken, since all the links are relative paths and the news listings are set to paths like /postpage/. Whoopsie.

I hadn't thought of that before. I wonder what I can do about that?

Well, there are too many things wrong with that hack that I hadn't considered, so until I can fix it myself I'm not using it lol...
And wasn't it you who told me,
"The sun would always chase the day"?


Sorry about that. I do this stuff for a living so writing CMS's and stuff is like second nature to me. I sometimes forget that when trying to explain it to other people who may not have the experience I've got.

A fatal flaw, I'm afraid, that many programmers share.
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