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New Virtual Domain Requirement

Started by Xepher, December 10, 2007, 11:56:50 PM

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I've decided that anyone wishing to use a virtual/linked domain name with their account must participate in the banner/box exchange program. It remains completely optional for everyone else, and I'll only be selectively enforcing it for existing domains/users. Anyone requesting a new domain to be linked to their account must have a banner and/or box in place on their site though. The reasoning for this is that needs a least some exposure in order to grow... I generally consider the "" part of "" to be enough, but when you're using a personal domain, it's entirely possible that people could never know who hosts the site at all and I don't think a single banner/box is too much to ask in return for what's provided.

If you have opinions (strong or otherwise) on this, let me know. I'm willing to hear people out and perhaps change my mind if there's a compelling reason, but for now, that's the new rule.


Reinder Dijkhuis
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What about instead of the banner, a static "this site is hosted by" banner instead?  Just thinking off the top of my head but a writing/photography site might not want to place a predominantly web-comics advertising banner on their site.  However, I doubt anyone new could reasonably object to having a host banner on their page somewhere.
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I agree with griever, allowing a custom link/banner of some sort might be nice (you might require that it be reasonably prominent). That said, given what you offer here, this requirement sounds perfectly reasonable to me. (And I speak as someone who has their own domain and will be subject to this.)


Well... I'm not saying it has to be right at the top of the front page or anything... and there is the choice between banner and box formats. I kinda see what griever means about a non-comic site though... Hmm... I think I may make it a "general requirement" with "specific exceptions." That is, if someone wants a domain and has a specific reason to object to the banner/box thing, than I'll hear them on an individual basis and consider it. I was already planning to do that with existing sites (hence the "selectively enforcing" phrase) and not just insist that everyone suddenly put up the boxes.

Reinder (and anyone else with domains already): I would, of course, like to see you put up the new box or banner, but if you really feel it's too intrusive or something, talk to me.