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WebCartoonists' Choice Awards

Started by MHPayne, January 14, 2008, 05:38:30 PM

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I've been waiting for the guys in charge of such things to issue the Official Press Release about this year's awards, but since they haven't yet, I guess I'll be all unofficial and just post an announcement about it.   :)

So we're now accepting nominations for the 8th annual WebCartoonists' Choice Awards.  If you're involved in making a webcomic--writer, artist, letterer, webmaster (this means you, too, Xepher!)--you can register to vote by sending me an e-mail at my Terebinth address,, with your name and the URL of the webcomic you're working on.  I'll then send you a ballot upon which you can nominate up to three webcomics--including your own--per category, and you'll have till January 23rd to get the ballot back to us.

The WCCAs are all about other webcartoonists telling us what webcomics they like--I can't nominate and my comics aren't eligible since I'm one of the guys counting the ballots--so the more folks we get involved, the better the results will be.  Drop me a line, then, if you're interested, and thanks!

Mike Payne, the Registrar


Done! You should have an email from me on this. Sounds like fun! I encourage the rest of you with comics here to register as well.


We had Frank on The Webcomic Beacon (also hosted on Xepher) talk about it!

I'll certainly be getting all of this in too!