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Please Don't Send Me Private Messages

Started by Xepher, December 23, 2007, 02:06:17 AM

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As the title says, please don't send me private forum messages. The indicator that shows I have one is small, and I often don't notice for a day or two. Additionally, the messages are nearly impossible to archive or organize. If you need to contact me directly, such as to get a lost password, or you need a domain added to your account, please email me. Hosting-related issues (e.g. "most stuff") go to admin@... and personal stuff goes to xepher@... (obviously complete the email addresses in full.) If it's a support issue or technical question, I generally prefer to handle that on the forum, in case other users have a similar problem later, the solution can maybe be found by searching older threads. Thanks!


Wasn't just you, lots of people have done it, but I figured a public post made more sense than informing a single person each time. Not a big deal, this is just to let people know. The old forum software I used let me disable private messages, whereas this one doesn't.