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Started by fraunie, February 19, 2008, 08:00:33 AM

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Hi, I was referred to this site by Robyn of, I mentioned how I was looking into webspace and she suggested you guys. So here I am!

Username: fraunie

Preferred URL:

Email: meganDOTfrauenhofferATgmailDOTcom

Site: Will be an art gallery of my works and hopefully much more.

Because I didn't have an actual site to apply with, Robyn is temporarily hosting me during the application process. I didn't want her to host my images however, because I felt like she was doing so much already, so I uploading them to another site, but I would obviously have it all on one site if accepted.

This is only a small taste of what I want to do. My big plans are to expand and have a site that's very blog-centric, using Wordpress, with the galleries and profiles and whatnot having their own respective parts. I want to be able to post works in progress, new artwork, tutorials, interesting art pages, exhibitions dates, new products at my shop, and much more. I like to write and make art, so I want my website to marry the two. And I don't want a static page, but one that's constantly adding to itself so that people will keep visiting. A good example of what I might post would be with these posts here: and

My art is very narrative based and is currently taking new directions. I'm even working on pixel art so I may shop around for videogame jobs (plus it's starting to be addictive and entertaining). I would love to have a website where I could get feedback from the visitors and, uh, actually have visitors if I am a part of a community of sites like this. In terms of my store, I'll probably still maintain the one I have currently on Etsy, but it would expand to products people would be interested in having, like postcards, possibly t-shirts, as well as the prints that are there.

My webdesigning skills are always developing. When I was in high school, I created (now defunct) only using Notepad, learning basic html as I went along. For this website, I made it through Photoshop, referring to the books as I went along. If accepted, I want to use Wordpress, modifying a template to my own unique design. What I lack in skill I try to think outside of the box in order to create something above average. I do like webdesigning, so I wouldn't be surprise if that becomes something of a side project as I acquire a site to actually make more webdesigns for.

Feel free to ask any questions. I like being chatty and I'm just getting to know this community.


Ha, my copyright date is old. It's an older site design I made, so no nitpicks on me forgetting that please.


this is some pretty cool stuf :D


A'right, I'll throw out my 2 cents, or whatever.

The art looks good, you can make HTML, and I don't the copyright isn't worrisome...

One complaint, though, and it's a small one:  using multiple, smaller files to make the little one actually slows down the load time for the main page.  It's not too big of a deal, and I think it'd usually be faster, but the connection I'm on is overburdened, so that probably plays a large part in that.

I have no idea what all your work means, but I think you've got a solid application, here.


Yeah, it's not exactly a "love" feel I have for the webdesign. If accepted, I plan to change it up to be incredibly user friendly and almost have everything at access on the main page.

That's okay if you don't understand the work. Half the problem (mostly for the older stuff) is that I don't have the stories/words scanned with it. As for the newer stuff, I like the individual to take what they can from it personally without my input. I think images can say more than one thing and can definitely say more than what the artist intends.


I like your art style and your overall design.  One thing I don't understand regarding your site design is why you use images for your text, but you'd be making a new design so that's a moot point.

I was also surprised to see quietrevolution on your LJ...I've seen him/her via the expatsjapan community before. *L*  Small world.
"You can get all A's and still flunk life." (Walker Percy)


Yeah, once I had the site all together, I found the section were normal web text could be used instead image. Oh the fun with learning! I actually thought about getting rid of that section before submitting for that reason, but it's just a representation of a website at this point, so no big deal. Thanks for the crit though.

Brenna/quietrevolution is a super sweetie. We've been trading hair coloring stories lately on her journal.


yay Megan!
I hope you get accepted!  if you ever need any help on your site you can always bug me abouts it  ^__^


Definitely leaning towards yes... just really busy right now, so it may be another day or three before I can get to this application in depth.


Alright, it's been approved. You should have an email with login info and instructions.


Ha, made me sweat that one out? I'm kidding. Thanks for the heads up, I'll get started right away!