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Strange request for xepher

Started by Zumi, December 14, 2011, 10:55:18 AM

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I know this is a strange request but it's better to ask before doing.
I am on a university course and i need to have an online portfolio, it's due in 2 days time so i was wondering if you would be upset if i used a hidden section on kia-tk 's site. The only people viewing would be my tutor and any external examiners and in 2 months most i can remove it from the site entirely.
I only ask as i friend was saying i could use his but with 2 days until hand in date he hasn't partitioned a space for me so i need to find elsewhere.

(Also kia wishes to apologize for her lack of updates for a while she has been hit hard with things but she is working hard to overcome them)


Yes, that's fine, I've always said that it's okay to use your space here for personal stuff on the side, so long as the primary focus it the content/site your application was accepted for. Also, moving this to the Hosting Q&A section, since that's where questions like this should be.


ah thanks, thankfully my friend came through with the ftp, apparently he e-mailed the details to some random person thinking i had a different ID number lol

(Still finishing assignment however and have been coding for 12 hours straight since it's due tomorrow, busy lives of coders lol)