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Started by EbonEuro1967, March 29, 2008, 02:13:46 PM

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Name: EbonEuro1967

Nicknames: Chris

Comic Name: Roo'd

Email: stinker(FOUR)underscore(ONE)(AT)yahoo(DOT)com

Story: This is a retroactive-continuity of the series A Roo'd Awakening.

The original archival series is here: , but the new
series is now monthly. The archival files will be copied to the new site, too, in case of emergency.

The family of mice and kangaroos move to a new location make a new start with their lives
as new adventures unfold despite living the prejudices against them for being morphs.

The alien marsupials Lovey, her sister Pepper, her son Paris, and Kora worry that the ones
that search for them will destroy them... and a certain wallaroo as well...

Marigold, Hugh, and Zachary try to make a new start in the nearby town, residing beside their
newly-built family home, and everyday complications crop up.

Past cast members will return, and cameos will appear at any given chance.

As always, this series will be a family-oriented comic, and be somewhere between Rated G to PG.

Oh yeah... I do my own HTMLs. Give me a shout in case of broken links or botched pages.


Wallaroo!!! OMG, so glad to see you here at last! ^.^ Art's good and I know you can make a site. Plus, I'll vouch for ya. :) Yes from me.


Awwww... thanks.   :)


I'm gonna approve this one... just gimme a little time to do it.


I need to know what username you'd want here... keep in mind, the username is part of the url. Ex: and the username is all lower case, with a hyphen being the only allowed punctuation.


Is it okay if I PM you on that?


You can always PM people :P


Actually, the forum PM is something I almost never check... if you hadn't posted here that you were going to PM me, I wouldn't have noticed.

*goes to check PM*

Okay, I'll try and set that up later tonight... failing that, this weekend. Bug me if you haven't gotten a response by sunday.


Alright, I've added your account. You should have an email with instructions and login info. Sorry it took me so long to get to it.