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Sexual Content

Started by fesworks, April 30, 2008, 11:29:20 PM

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Alrighty, Seems that someone found a "Tiajuana Bible" aka an "Eight Pager" aka a small booklet of a cartoon porn story, of Jenny Everywhere. I have yet to see it, but it still begs the question of if I can have it on the site.

Presently there are a few Jenny Everywhere strips that have been marked as "mature", however, this may be even MORE mature. As far as the site is concerned, I was curious if this might be a problem.

Of course, you may need to see it before making a decision, so I'll let you know when this person finds and sends it to me.

My original plan in this situation would be to include it on the site and put "Mature" next to the link. My back-up plan is to censor certain portions and allow people to e-mail me for an uncensored version.

And actually... is there a script or something where I could have a pop-up window asking for a birthday, or a simple "Are you over 18?" "Yes" "Cancel" dialog box?


For a pop up, it's pretty simple depending on how far you want to go.

You could have a javascript onclick with a return confirm in the links.
<a href="#UrlGoesHere" onclick="return confirm('This content is rated mature. You must be at least 18 years old to continue.');">Mature Content</a>

Of course it won't work if the user's browser doesn't have javascript.  If you're really concerned about that, you could write some little php script that reads the URL in a get query.  That page could ask the user the same question without depending on javascript.

<a href="mature.php?url=UrlGoesHere">Mature Content</a>

In mature.php
This content is rated mature. You must be at least 18 years old to continue.
<a href="<?php echo $_GET['url']; ?>">Continue</a>


thanks :)

But what Browser would not have Javascript? Isn't it a standard?


All half-way up to date browsers will have it installed, but not all will have it enabled.

I, for example, use Firefox with NoScript (Disables javascript on unknown sites) for security reasons.

Various stats I've seen say around 5% of net browsers didn't have javascript/have it enabled


I understand you're trying to archive everything you can for that site, but at the same time, "Porn" is not allowed here. I imagine you've already read but if not, take a look. That basically draws the line between what's acceptable and what's not. Granted, it still leaves a bit of a grey area at times. When you actually get the booklet and see it, you can perhaps judge for yourself. If you're still not sure, then yes, I'll take a look and we'll see.


Yea, I kinda figured that would be the answer. No biggie of course. I'll re approach the options once I receive the files.


Oh yea. There's sexual content alright.

"Jenny Everywhere Gets Around!" :P

Where can I send you the copies so you can judge if I can show a censored (blur or black-bar) version?

(Actually, I'll probably send you a couple censored versions as well, to help you judge).

Also, Would it be ok for me to make a note on the reference that if they want to see it, that they should e-mail me?


You can just email them to admin@... and I'll check it out. I don't really have a problem with you distributing via email (and a note on the site) but I'll have to see about the censored versions. You're in a special case here because it's not really your "production" or even continued production of porn-ish stuff, otherwise I'd probably just nix it outright. Anyway, send me the stuff and I'll see.


Alrighty. I'll need some time to work on a censored version, but I think I could get it down today. Of course, no hard feelings at all if it has to be nixed. ;)


Sorry it took to long, I finally sent the e-mail!