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Reasons beyond me.

Started by Lifew/outlife, May 01, 2008, 06:29:55 AM

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So, my main computer is a laptop. It's a decent laptop, it can play my games and such.... well. It used to. Now, half the motherboard is burned out, and I have about eightybillion fricken viruses. I need to send it in (I'm still under warenty, and it covers it) but I have to pay shipping. So I havent done it yet, because, being the american I am, I'm lazy as can be. Thus, I havent created/uploaded any of my comic that I mentioned before because I've been fighting virus after virus. Sorry that I dissappeared for a while (I dont think anyone even really knows who I am.) but I'm going to dissappear again for a short while, for I am FINALLY sending this computer in for repairs next monday, when I have the money for it. Maybe I'll draw, but till then, tah tah for now.
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