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Broken Windmills

Started by schwarzkreuz, June 03, 2008, 02:32:42 AM

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Hello I've finished my first web comic and am apply for a second account for my next project. If necissary I would be happy to add it onto my old account, but it would make life easier not to have to ;)

The title of the comic is Broken Windmills. The username I would like would be brokenwindmills or even just windmills.

My current most used email is doppelgangergeisha AT hotmail DOT com

As said I'd like a site as a home for my second webcomic Broken Windmills as well as some basic artwork mostly related to the comic but including some outside work for readers to puruse.

My current comic is a good example of my work I started Schwarz Kreuz back in 2003  in order to hone my skills in both storytelling and illustration so I could write Broken Windmills in the first place. Windmills is a step up from SK, a project I've been developing for years. I cobbled together a teaser site for some of my friends and more devoted SK readers here with more information about my intentions.

I also have a few pages from the prologue already finished which I have uploaded for you here. Since my art style has advanced considerably since 2003.

Yes the comic will be "adult" Not unlike SK. Not ridiculously violent, but the charaters exist in a tough environment, and one of the featured characters in a mafia hitman. And yes there will be swearing, I don't like to suger coat things but neither do I like to toss F bombs around. And yes there will be explicately implicate sexual relations but no full nudity.

Anyway, thank you for reading my application. hope to hear from you soon.


As you already have a site, you've pretty much proved yourself there. My question really is why do you really need a second account? Other than the URL, what advantage does it give you that a sub-directory like wouldn't?


It doesn't particularly apart from the url. I'm more than happy to put all my work on the single site if that's ok with you. Either way I figured I'd ask before converting to a general art and comic site.

Really which ever is easiest on your end.


Not that I don't/won't give second accounts to people, but if you're okay with just the one, it's certainly easiest for me, and I think it makes more sense most of the time. For one, people can find all your stuff in a more obvious/single location.

On a side note, the pages from the prologue look very good art-wise. You definitely have improved over the years. Your style is something different than what I usually see. I can't put my finger on exactly what it is, but the combination of texture and color, along with the character styles being somewhere between realistic and cartoon. Anyway, it's looking good, so best of luck on it! :-)


Thank you. I'm trying to use more detail this time around.

I'll go ahead and make a base art site with a small gallery and two subdomains for schwarz kreuz and wind mills.

I know I'm not always very active but thanks again for hosting me and my fellow artists. This is a great place.