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Moving the database

Started by fesworks, June 23, 2008, 07:27:57 PM

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I need to get a copy of the database to move the wordpress information regarding The Webcomic Beacon over to another server. If this something I can do myself? If so, I have no freaking idea how to do it :/


Yeah, just go to the Database link on the user-services page. Here's a direct URL Login, pick your database, then go to the Export tab, and you should be able to grab any/all information you want for the new machine. You can probably just leave everything at the defaults. Just make sure to select all the tables you want in the upper left, (which may be just the wp_* ones) and you probably want "save as file" and enable compression at the bottom. If it's not specifically running MySQL 5.x on the new server, then be sure to take a look at the compatibility mode setting to export to more generic forms of SQL.

FYI, something you need to watch out for on the new installation... /tmp on just got filled up a bit ago because your podpress install has been leaving 50MB files all over. All of them had names starting with "GetID3..." and about half of them ended in .mp3. All were owned by you, so obviously coming from one of your scripts. I had a cronjob error on me an hour or two ago because it was completely out of space in /tmp. That made a couple other programs uppity as well. Anyway, no lasting harm done, and as you're taking the beacon somewhere else, "not my problem" either. See, there's good out of this already. :-)


Well I plan to keep the site up and available for about a month during the transition. Add a new "we moved" MP3, but I was planning to keep all of the older stuff up for a while, until settled in and we don't loose anyone. And then I'll probably delete everything except base images and the "we moved" post and MP3.

If this problem is something I can fix, or if there is a way for me to manage my site's spillage....

If it was "GetID3"... I'm confused because I think I only tried that (if I am thinking of the correct option) once or twice a few months ago... So unless all the files are really old, I guess I can't figure out what script is doing it :/


Hmm... most of them were pretty old, though I thought the most recent was June 20th... maybe I misread the date from another line/file (there's a ton of files in that directory.) They're all gone now though, so I can't go check again. If it's something you got rid of, then it shouldn't be a problem. I'll keep a lookout for any more files showing up unprovoked, but otherwise, no worries. If you're leaving stuff around, do whatever you gotta do... it's not a problem. I was just joking with you about "good out of this already."


yea, just let me know what files creep up and I might be able to correct them. I just hope I don;t have to go through the nightmare of trying to sort out Wordpress code all over again o_O

Then again, I may be doing that anyway with Ardra.. I've been thinking about ComicPressing the site :P

Thanks for the help again! :D


It happened again...

arclight# ls -lh /tmp/get*

-rw------- 1 fesworks users   0 Jun 26 23:48 /tmp/getID3Uk1dhv
-rw------- 1 fesworks users 40M Jun 26 23:48 /tmp/getID3Uk1dhv.mp3

So yeah, see if you can track down what's leaving those around. (Note those file modification times are server times and in UTC.)


I can't say I know what it is. I can say that WordPress/PodPress doesn't like Arclight's settings or SOMEthing.

What I'm doing its clicking a button that detects how big the MP3 is, and how long it is. It then displays it.

this last week, I did not click either one, nor did I give the file a name.

If that does not work (by my not doing anything), then I can;t tell you what's going on, because I don't mess with the code for that. :/


And there is nothing in /tmp/ right now. So if you recently posted a new episode, but didn't click whatever you said... then yeah, that maybe did it. If so, it's gotta just be a bug in podpress somewhere. I skimmed some of the code, and most/all of it is written to delete the temp files when it's done with them (like a program should.) But somehow, this one bit of it seems to not be doing that. Did you do every other part of uploading/posting an episode that you normally would? Also, as the files kept getting named "getID3*" I'm wagering the bug is in that plugin, not even in podpress itself.


Yea, I always upload the MP3 through the SCP first, then I link to it from the post... instead of "attach file"... so the only part I deal with the blog is with those buttons I select.