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Art of Drawing

Started by Nat-chan, September 23, 2005, 01:41:34 AM

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username: Nat-chan
contents: manga art site (personal), in the near future tutorials and maybe some short manga.

My site is now hosted with limited space. the reason for me to apply is that I am afraid that the site cant grow after while. so I am looking for some more space. Moreover i am also looking for host that can support php. the current one doesnt support that.

I have been drawing in manga style for four years now, and am still loving what i doing now. About a year ago I jointed a dutch doujinshi circle called CheeseCake! Studio! Since then I am not only drawing illustrations but manga's also. May, next year, our fourth booklet will be printed. It will be even better then the previous ones. I admit, I am not very good at it yet, but I am try hard to get it right. Drawing illustration and making manga's are complete two differents things.
If you are wondering, about my work, here are some examples

- Counter Play (15 pages, completed)

- The Gift (28 pages, ongoing)

- Life (will be 8 pages, started)

There are a few other manga's that i am still working on. I have the confidence to ending it, if not my fellow member will kick me.
nah, I am very enthuasitic at drawing, so it would be fine.

If you want to see more of my art:

the reason why I dont place all my art at one place is that if I do, ppl will have seen all my art at dev. and wouldnt go to my site. And that goes the same if ppl visited my site before dev.

(I had accidentily press back, and had to write the whole application over again. Hopefully, i 'ven't forgot anything)


I actually like the design of this site, not a whole lot of color though. The code in the background could use work as detailed here. Yeah I'm one of those code picky type, hi!. ;)

Other than that, looks good to me.
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wow can you do that? pretty cool ^^ Thanks for pointing out the mistakes. I ll correct the errors (/me is not a html genius)


That's ok, I just tend to do that. I've been one of those W3 standards nuts for awhile now. No biggie I point it out all the time. :P

The validator actually tells you everything that's wrong in the code. It's pretty handy to use, may want to run it on all your pages. But most importantly, test your site on more than 1 or 2 browsers. Don't want to cut of possible users right?
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thanks a lot. I have correct those pages. As for the frames, well i couldnt fix it. According to my bro that because of the server that i am on....>.<
I ll load it up in the weekend.


Nice art, and the website style is interesting. Hope you get accepted. :)


very pretty art! I like the layout, too. Nice work.
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thank you ^^

I hope i am going to be accepted too.

I am planning to update my site monthly instead of once in a while, so the update will a lot more.
And the tutorial are coming ^-^ yay.


Your art is lovely! I especially like how you apply screentones, you really capture form and shadow well with them ^__^ *thumbs up*


Woaw! For a second there, I thought I was reading Fushigi Yuugi!
Great work. Though I don't like the style, you draw pretty well in my opinion. Keep it up!



wha one more who says my style looks like yuu watase.... +_= I should get used to it by now... ^^;;

I have notice that only the first two links are working, ehm i dont know if someone what me to get it back up. but everything will be at my temp site, so... I tried to update it monthly. but somehow the pages are the same as before. do anyone know what cause it?


Your inking and screentones are really impressive! I like those..
However, I get the feeling that you started learning how to draw faces first, so that's why they seem to be higher quality then the bodies..Not a bad thing, I have that problem too.

I can't relate your style to anyone elses, I'm not a manga fan :)


heheh that is exactly the order how i learned to draw. then again its the same order i inkt too. ^^;;

oh i updated the site, the gallery didn't worked. i looked into the script over and over again, and in the end it seemed that there was only an "ao" missing. =_=

and: Diprotodon?


Very impressive artwork. Professional and clean, which is more than I can say for my stuff...and I was


thank you for your support m_w ^_^ I am still hoping to be accepted ^.^ /me is hoping, waiting patiently and is still interested