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Trading Card Game Based On Webcomics
« on: September 23, 2008, 11:50:39 pm »
Trading Card Game Based On Webcomics

The WAGON Webcomic Battle is a trading card game that revolves around many different webcomic characters and plot devices. At present, there are 11 different webcomics that have contributed to the game’s cards. Plus the Jenny Everywhere winners of the “Draw” to Win Contest posted on The Webcomic Beacon a few weeks back.

The preliminary deck, Deck Zero, includes characters from Chooken, Prepare to Die, Roomies, Sarah Zero, Stridsparters, and War of Winds; had been out for several weeks.

The game's official launch decks, Alpha and Beta, are currently available for presale and will ship in October. Webcomics in these decks include NSTA, Ardra, P.S.I., The Best of What’s Left, Unamused Comics, and the 2nd and 3rd place Jenny Everywhere contest winners.

People who pre-order BOTH the Alpha and Beta decks, will get a bonus card, The Kitten of Chaos!

In addition to this news, The Jenny Everywhere Shifter Archive, will be having a drawing to give away FIVE (5) of the promotional, Ultra Rare Jenny Everywhere card. The card, drawn by Benj Christensen, will never be available in any deck, nor any booster pack. FIVE (5) people can win it, and you don't even need to order any deck.

To enter the drawing, Just send an e-mail to with “WAGON DRAWING” in the subject. Include only your first name and mailing city within the e-mail.

(Your e-mail will only be used only for this drawing, no hidden mailing list signup.) Winners, chosen at complete random, will be mailed the rare card when the Alpha and Beta decks are mailed.