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Job Hunting

Started by JM, October 08, 2008, 09:18:16 PM

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I have seriously tried every place around my school and the jobs are all dried up. Most of my school comes from this state, so they got there first. :(

I was wondering if anyone had a good idea or two on how a college student could make a little extra cash?

I was going to try offer commissions, but right now I can't use my tablet and yadda yadda long story.


Check with a temp agency.  Depending on what you're willing to do, they might have some positions available to at least bring in some cash for a while.
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What is your skill set?

Depending on what you can do I may be able to get you a small amount of contract work, but no guarantees. We've already got a full time web designer and a couple damn good programmers as it is, but my primary contractor looks for extra people in different areas on occasion.
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Hehe... since graduation I've been emailing everyone everywhere my resume and portfolio (both of which are viewable here: and nobody's gotten back to me. :( I'm sure there are a few more relevant/likely and pie-in-the-sky places I can hit, though.

Maybe it's because no one's heard of my college. (But that's changing, because my college is awesome.)
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