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The OK Chronicles (a web comic)

Started by Onikuro, December 01, 2008, 09:04:51 AM

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Username: theokc

E-Mail: zombieferret(at)Live(dot)com

Site Description I would like to do a web comic, but i am not that good at drawing right now and don't have allot to show. The whole comic is going to be based of Oni Kuro(OK)  OK was once a powerful demon that ruled. The items that OK left behind have been said to grant some a wish that bring them back together. A young wolf named Max Wolfe  has set out to collect them and use the wish to get his older sister back. What waits on the adventure? and who will he meet? will be able to get all the items before a dark force gets them?

I would like to go for  the third option "the Challenge"


Generally, I've kinda stopped doing the Challenge thing. There are so many free sites out there for people to post art now days and such that it's almost pointless not look at some of it during the application process. That said, I am feeling a bit puckish right now... so why not, eh?

1. What's your favorite web comic and why? Be detailed.

2. Your time machine broke down, and you don't know where and when you are. You come across a 10 foot tall kangaroo though, so that narrows it down. Where are you, and when (to the nearest epoch)? Also, what's the species of creature you saw?

3. Why do you park in a driveway and drive down a parkway?

4. Nihongo o hanshimasu ka?

5. The answer is "Blue" because...?


1. My favorite comic? That is a toough choice. I have allot of  favorite webcomics. Most of them are furry and some are not. The white board  ,Vg-cats Mega ,Tokyo and DMFA just to name a few. But the one i like the most would have to be DMFA. The reason i like it the most is because it has inspired me to become a webcomic artest. When dfma first started the drawing was ok, much like mine. But over time it has got much better. the drawing has improved greatly and she has added color. Also the colorng has become so great .I am love how much she has come alog. One day I hope  I could be at least 1/2 as good as her.

2: The animal would be called a Procoptodon and it lived in Australia during the Pleistocene epoch.

3: The reason you drive on a parkway is because if you stopped you would cause over a 9,000 car pile up. And if you drive on your driveway you would... wait I always drive on my driveway! I drive into my garage .

4: No i don't not speak Japanese, but I wish I did.

5:  Because the question was "What is color has a Electromagnetic radiation wavelength interval of 490–450 nm?"


Wow, someone actually chose the Challenge. NOBODY chooses the Challenge!

I am wondering though, you say you're not good at drawing right when exactly would the website see any action?

Letting my grammarnazi side out for a second....akkgh, no, it's too painful, sorry. Can't do it.

Oh, oh, oh, can I ask my own question? you don't have to answer it since I'm not Xepher, but its late and I'm hyped up on strawberry soda. :D

6: All K'niffs are Greebles. all Greebles are Fizzgins. Some Fizzgins are Warbles. Therefore, what is the name of the man who drives the double decker tour bus in eastern Yugoslavia?

...Like I said. Soda.
I don't hate everyone, I'm just very, very disappointed in them.


"You can get all A's and still flunk life." (Walker Percy)


I would still update the comic twice a week. Just because i am not any good at drawing does not mean i wont update the site, Oh on the grammar note , never was really my strong subject anyway. was more into math

6: Well  his name would have to be Stefan


Quote from: griever on December 03, 2008, 09:37:11 AM
I didn't laugh. :(

Really, he didn't even explore the possibilities of a Warble continuum or its obvious connection to Yugoslavian tourism. :P
I don't hate everyone, I'm just very, very disappointed in them.


*starts to do the first 5 comics *
I am hopping to get a new computer for my b-day/xmass


agg my scanner broke >.<  well of to my brothers place to get it scanned


How are you more into math than grammar? If you're any normal sort of person, you should be actually utilizing grammar more often than math!
And wasn't it you who told me,
"The sun would always chase the day"?


Normal ?? Now why would i want to be that?. It is so over rated!


Sorry I was so long replying here. (Be sure to check the status thread for general updates when that happens.)

On to the next set!

A. How do you feel about breaking the 4th wall? Does your opinion differ for other media (such as films) compared to a webcomic?

B. is for banana.

C. What's the single best piece of music ever produced?

D. Is it physically possible to produce a vehicle that is entirely wind-powered (with no energy storage) yet can travel directly down wind faster than the wind? Explain your reasoning in detail.

F. Which is more awesome? A velociraptor, a pirate, richard feynman, a bose-einstein condensate, chocolate cake, or hiro protagonist?


A:  I was think about doing some kind of  short movie  or even   making a a video   once a week   instead  of the comic .  but i think i will stick with the webcomic for now and maybe  when i got the first year done  do a video  for the 1st year in 3d.

B: It Is?   well there goes  my whole theory on life . dang

C: Um..hmmmm  give me a bit here, will post it with  D

D: working on it

E: chocolate cake


c:anythinh from beethoven

D:  the only way   i can think of doing this would  be  to have  fans on the side(like  a steam boat paddels)gea the wind would push the fans on the  sides witch would rowtat the gears.   the gears  would the  move the the wheel  so the more wind , the more power you would getw