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Music = Imaginary Fuel?

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So on polls, a lot of people say listening to songs inspire them to draw up something, or break free from their art block.
What do you think? If you were to listen to Epik High's albums, would that move your hand to just draw? And really good stuff, too?

I dunno about art, but I love listening to music when I'm programming. It seems to help motivate me (and yes you can get programmers block just as well as anything else).

I get a lot of inspiration from songs, but I as my primary creativity is writing, I can't really listen to music while doing it. It's hard to write words while listening to others. Instrumental stuff is good though. The inspiration usually strikes when I'm just listening to music, and I'll have some strong flash of an idea or image from some of the lyrics. Heck, half the time I mishear the actual words, but my "wrong" version is actually a really cool idea, so I go with that instead.

Hmm...I tend to work better when I've got music going, whether I'm drawing, trying to figure out C++, or writing a random piece of fiction.

So...yeah, I guess you could say music helps.  Though, I have no idea who or what Epik High is...

Like Xepher, I can't listen to music when I'm writing, unless it's instrumental or I've listened to it so much that I'm used to it. :D There aren't many songs that have directly inspired me to create anything yet, but I've got lyrics-inspired ideas sitting in my head that won't go away, and will get out eventually.

80% of the time I need music to draw to. <3 The other 20% I'm just sick of music for the time and actually work quicker with it off. Total silence can be pretty nice too.


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