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celebrate art| show case my art and comics

Started by celebrateart, December 10, 2008, 04:25:53 AM

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  :D hi my name is Dennis.
Nice to all meet you.
A little about myself:
I live in a small town and seventeen and I hope to achieve art school, particularly MCAD (Minneapolis College of Art and Design) and I'm trying to go for a scholarship.
I want to present my art over the internet, because be more easier.

Reading the Instructions, I actually have HTML passed 1995 but probably more in the year of 04'? 05"?

Anyways, I actually want to brush up on the HTML/CSS/JavaScript *bit more rusty on Java >_<* but I see that you guys can help me achieve higher potential and skill.

I looked at some sites, and there's a lot of stuff I'm familiar with such as code wise but I see alot of people have achieved the best and that's what I would like to learn.

Dreamweaver Cs3 is currently what I'm using, I can just go off note pad and save as .html, Dreamweaver is just easier.

OK to the meaty stuff:

I don't know any other sites to go to so i got screen shots? ehhh?

website layout:
I tried making it simple but yet a bit creative, yet HTML coding could go farther

*I'm working on comics, I'm actually collaborating art with a friend to accomplish comics*


all my art I've managed to copy so far.

early start out work *I have a lot more, just alot of them to me are bad

latest work

I know some off these are a bit abstract especially
but it was more about cross patch shading to give the general idea of lighting.

but please some feed back would be great on the site layout and the art work it's the first time i've showed them to people so kind of on anxiety >_<

Also I've been working on DHTML or java script for drop down menus, easier to get to my art albums with out clicking through link in the art section


it's been awhile since i've revised on the website, but I am currently working on actually getting it up so you can check it out.

Also i've been using light box.
so keeping this updated.



Sorry I managed to overlook this for so long.

The main question I have right now, is that, as it seems you're just getting started with an online portfolio and all, why do you think a site here would suit you better than places like deviant art, which are geared to exactly that sort of portfolio thing?


well I can see where your going with the portfolio. I looked at the websites here and said I really don't need this as a online portfolio I just wanna make art! I've been working on comics and other art for this, i got my senior year to make a portfolio, and it's not going to be online.


So... you're saying you don't need a site here after all? (Not sure I understand you correctly.)


oh sorry I don't want to confuse you.
On Deviant art you upload things on a profile or a better term, a portfolio. You don't have much control on how it's shown, or cased.
here I'm able to express myself through code design and really set a generalization of what my art represents, or give a feel for the atmosphere on the website.
in all terms just being able be free in the sense that I can show my art work in any shape or form here.

oh, yes and with the portfolio thing being online, and then when you asked or suggested Deviant art, what I met by it was I still got to go through senior year at high school, and to tell you the truth I rushed on getting a portfolio online but when I had actually seen why people got sites on here, I stopped and thought about why I am applying. I was mainly doing it for the wrong reason.
Now I see what this really all about, and I would like to really just work on art and be myself here.


sorry guys on the comics. school has got me bogged. I have finally come up with drafts, and sketches. sorry if I haven't made a good impression or such


Applications are still "under consideration" until I explicitly reject/deny them. I've just been kinda slow reviewing this one because I'm on the fence about it. Sometimes I let things sit to see if other people have opinions on it and such.


I'm not rushing just catching up on here. I wasn't sure what was going on completely I guess. but thanks for informing me Xepher.


So, I was about to say yes, and set up an account for you, but then I noticed that you overlooked some of the important bits of the application that are mentioned in the instructions. Go take a look at that, and get the missing info posted.


oh shez, I forgot  :(

my email is:

and the website url is simple:

I believe I got the things I had forgot.
any more problems just mention.


Good luck on applying to the school. I'm going there right now for the graduate program.


really?! I wish I was just a senior this year and graduating so I can just go already. But slow and steady will give me a advantage at school.

hows that going for you anyways?


Poke at me if I don't get this setup by tuesday or so. Just got off work for the week, and after 11 hours on shift fixing computers, I don't want to mess with 'em right now. :-)


i know how you feel. Replaced a motherboard, hard-drive and graphics card. it took too long.
take your time. I got patience:D