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Started by Azraelle, December 04, 2008, 01:12:30 AM

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Through reading some of the forum here, I've discovered that there's some policy surrounding donations.  However, I can't seem to find any definitive rules or discussion on this topic - the most recent thread on this was created over a year and a half ago and talks about stuff that doesn't look like it's relevant anymore.

Since I've recently migrated my old site from my previous host nearly 100% intact, I need to know what to do about the existing donations link on my site.  Do I keep it?  Do I modify it?  Do I get rid of it?

For reference, here's the site:
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There used to be a requirement that, if you chose to take donations, got 10% of it. The old newsbox had a "donate" button on it as well, that handled this for people who didn't set up their own stuff. I've done away with all of that, and there's no requirement at all any more.

For future reference, all the actual rules can be found on the info page at with the exception that if you want to have a virtual domain (that is, use your own .com type address instead of user you have to participate in the banner/newsbox thing. That's explained in detail on

But yeah, bottom line is take donations all you want, and it's up to you if you want to donate to itself. As I've said in some other posts about this topic, I've got a good job now, so the cost of running the server isn't a big impact like it used to be.


Oh, I almost jumped. "Oh, crap, what if I'm breaking a rule I forgot?!"

Not like I get any donations, but I did set up a donation wallpaper thing anyway. :D Just in case.
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Yeah I didn't see anything about donations on the info page or FAQ, but there was discussion on the forum.  Figured it couldn't hurt to ask for clarification.
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