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The OS war?

Started by celebrateart, December 22, 2008, 09:05:59 PM

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Quote from: Senshuu on January 26, 2009, 07:41:20 PM
At college I always toted around my regular mouse and stuck it in macs when needed.

What a smart cookie you are :)  I never got macs figured out at college, in fact I dreaded sitting down at on.  I couldn't remember what button to press for the right click and hated being foiled by something so simple.  The file structure also had me in a tizzy.  Generally I'd end up mashing keys for ten minutes then deciding it was better to just do the work at home. 


They just need to make better mouses.

Down to the bottom line though, mac is just another OS. Like Xepher said it's all just funny.
People get tender over the idea of it.
People make opinions and they have every right to say that but the rude comments said about those comments is a little over the top.
Like on youtube, theres alot of hate then alot of love.
like databits ideas of it, I see it his way. it's really hard to develop software for it. Though when saying it's a pain in the ass to use, well some people just can't grasp it, or just don't like the setup, that's understandable. I used all Operating systems. I mainly like linux for alot of server type of stuff, like gaming. Team Fortress 2 is mainly what I play and my friend has used his linux for his server and it's always smooth.
Windows, more office stuff, like in school and papers.
Mac, video editing, photo editing, (almost all multi-media)

Every OS is capable of something and the same things, people don't look it as that way.


My college was a design college, so all the graphic design machines were macs, and I had to buy one for my education. I'm really glad I did; I can check all the browser design issues on a mac now as well as a pc <3 but gawd it's expensive, and they released macbooks right after I got it. *facepalm* *powerbook g4*
And wasn't it you who told me,
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