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Valve and Steam

Started by celebrateart, January 15, 2009, 02:47:22 AM

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I liked valve for a number of years on the games such as half-life and the follow up by half life 2 and the episodes. I'm waiting for another episode of half life or just another good game like left 4 dead. So to keep the time I play Team Fortress 2, though I don't play the xBox 360 of it anymore sense it lags out. Anyways TF2 on the PC is much better. achievements for upgrades/weapons

so on this post:
do you game and whats your most fav'd game?


I don;t really play much more than TF2 and LFD now. Steam is such a great "console" that I think I'd end up just getting PC games forever. Before that I played a lot of Nintendo Systems. Never cared much for Xbox's offerings, and there were only a few Playstation games I wanted to play that weren;t available on Nintendo systems or on PC.


Computer games I have on the go at the moment: Half Life, Runescape, American Mcgee's Alice, Xcom and Myst V: End of Ages.  Some are better than others.
I'll most likely be starting Morrowind again at some point.  Now there's a game that can go on forever if you take advantage of all the mods!
My faves?  Castlevania: Symphony of the Night;  Ultima IX (I actually have an affection for the whole series); The Elder Scrolls; any of the SCUMM games.


I do like Castlevania, though I haven't play much of the franchise or followed it.
i did at one time play runescape but then found WoW then soon got addicted to it and then couldn't pay so paying it pretty much broke my habit in a cold turkey.

though i don't know why I ever played those i really didn't like much of them for some reason. Think it was more of my friends pushing me into it.
then found haven into Team Fortress 2 with people mic spamming and just being


Quote from: amuletts on January 25, 2009, 09:15:21 AM
I'll most likely be starting Morrowind again at some point.  Now there's a game that can go on forever if you take advantage of all the mods!

Apologies for blowing my own trumpet, but you may find this amusing:

QuoteUltima IX (I actually have an affection for the whole series)
I replayed Serpent Isle last year, for the first time in about 5 years.  I had truly forgotten exactly how awesome it was.  It was a struggle to avoid doing crazy things to it, though.  Ultima 9 in particular when I got around to that one - I managed to mess up somehow and my attempts to correct the situation meant that I ended up getting more and more out of step with the official script, as it were ::)
I really must play Ultima 6 again though - it must be about 8 years now.

"The main difficulty is getting [Qa'Dar] out of his cage.
Far and away the most reliable method I have found is mass-murder." -- The IT-HE guide to Morrowind


Enjoyed "Secrets of Morrowind" and I don't have the first clue what Morrowind is.

I don't dare game.  I'd get too sucked in.

All I know of "World of Warcraft", for example, is the use of it in youtube music videos of some of Jonathan Coulter's stuff -- "Skullcrusher Mountain", "Code Monkey", "Re your Brains" in particular.

Thank you, tapewolf.