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Directed at Xepher himself:

I've been thinking about my forums recently... Some webcomic communities ... well, many communities actually, have unified forums for webcomics "under their belt".... I was wondering if you might be interested in setting up a Xepher Community Webcomic Forum Collection. One login for multiple sites is always a better option and more appealing to potential forumites. You'd be in control of the boards to know that crap would not be going down with e-mails or such. You could assign us as Moderators to our specific forums...

In any case, I'm not sure of your opinion on this. I've just been considering trying to move my forums to somewhere else with a better forum model, and more chance to get people on board etc.

I'm also curious to know what other people think... I know some people like individualized forums, but if can get normalized forums in one place, we don;t need to worry about upkeep of the code and such, plus, again, when people don't need to make multiple logins for several different sites, the chances for crossover and increased posting... um...well, increases.

The only thing I could think that might be desirable in addition to centralized forums might be customizable/additional smilies...


I think it's a decent idea, if there's some interest. The current forums here seem to have all the functionality that's needed. Apparently there's an option for custom smileys too, if you really want it.

Fes: I setup a board and a sub-board for you to play around with. You're moderator of the parent one, see if you have moderation on the sub-board as well or not.

Needless to say, Jenny Everywhere and PSI would be taking their forums here. Jason and I are going to see if the Ardra readers would mind to go over here too.

Compared to our forums (because I don;t know what I'm doing), These Xepher ones have us totally beat... I mean, you have attachments, real posting options ("Bold" and "Add Link" stuff), and Private Messaging!

I am also interested in setting up a forum for my site here on Xepher. Is it as simple as requesting it, or is there a process I need to go through?

Yes actually, it's that simple. :-) Let me know what you'd like the section of forums to be titled, and I'll set it up.


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