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I finally found a free site that generates an actual email submission form for you. Yay! It's this one:

It worked when I tested it on the site. However, when I put it in this page, suddenly it doesn't work anymore. It gives me the not-sent error every time, and I have no clue why. Boooo!

I hope it doesn't have anything to do with the way email-stuff's set up on the server. I thought this was pretty simple...

You can't cheat with the "From" address. You had it set to just "LF" which isn't a valid email. You need to use an actual email you can receive bounces at. I changed it to your email address and it works fine.

Ohhh. Wow. Hmm, but it worked when I used that pair of letters on the demo website to test it. Which doesn't make sense. The site didn't explain things very well (or, well, anything), so I wasn't actually sure what the "from" address was the dummy I am, lol.

Yeah, but the dummy site probably doesn't actually have a secure email server that demands properly formatted mail. :-)

Oh my. I'm testing it again and the forms get emailed to me blank. D: I think everything code-related hates me today, lol.


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