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Kekaru design (photography and design)

Started by kekaru, February 17, 2009, 09:23:22 PM

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desired name: Kekaru-Design

see my work at:

Hello my name is Alex, I am a Photographer and digital designer. I have been taking photos as a proper hobby three years ago i specialize in the colour poping method. I am also a graphic designer to be honest i can't remember when i started that.

i would be using this site as a portfolio for both my medias.

on my DA page you can see a peace called "portfolio preview" this is one sketch up of the layout, yet i have many more.

I have experience in web design so I know how to use HTML, Dreamweever est.

while looking through my DA account please ignore the hand drawings, i do not desire for them to put into consideration as i will not be using them.


Sorry for the long delay in responding, sometimes I forget which threads are still open applications or not. I looked at some of the photography and it's not half bad. Anyone else have an opinion on this one?


I'm not a great one for photography, but I'm impressed with this.  The photos themselves are very clear and the colour treatments are quite creative.  I'm not quite clear on what his plan is for the site itself if he gets it - maybe that could do with some elaboration - but IMHO he's certainly got talent artistically.

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The photography looks pretty good, IMHO, particularly the architecture/building shots.  I think it's a good idea to separate the photos from the drawings because they're so different.  Good luck, I hope you get in. ^_^
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sorry for my delay is replying ^_^; i've been away.

my plan for this site, is to use it as my general portfolio, i would upload my newest works creating different sections  to the site to keep photos and digital art of different themes organized. 

Quote from: griever on March 18, 2009, 02:34:52 PM
I think it's a good idea to separate the photos from the drawings because they're so different. 

yes i would segment the website for the different medias


Alright, once again I got horribly delayed on this. If you still want in, let me know and I'll set up an account for you.


looks like we both got destracted ^______^ lol

yes i would still like this thank you


Okay, finally got to this. You should have an email with login info.