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Unscheduled Downtime Earlier Today

Started by Xepher, March 24, 2009, 05:21:29 PM

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The power supply in the server failed about 5 hours ago (a couple hours before I woke up) and had to be diagnosed and replaced once I woke and saw the server was down. Upon replacement, they'd managed to unplug one of the drive cables, so the machine still wasn't booting. The cabled was replugged, and things are now back online. It may be slightly slow for the next couple of hour while the raid resyncs to repair damage done from the unplugged disk, but otherwise, all should be back to normal.


Had one more quick reboot of the main VM to let me resize a partition. The new stats/logging stuff is chewing more disk space than before, so I had to give it more space. Only down for about 5 minutes.

FYI: If/when the site appears to be down, my email is probably down as well. The best way to contact me, or get status updates is AIM, with the username Xepher42. If I'm aware of a problem, I'll usually be online trying to fix it, but if I'm busy, I'll put up an away message with the current status. If it doesn't look like I know about it, feel free to message me and let me know.