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New Server(s) Coming Soon

Started by Xepher, April 05, 2009, 04:33:10 PM

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UPDATE: DNS changes are happening now... I'm going to do the actual move in an hour or two, so there's more chance of people yelling at me about problems while I'm around to actually fix them tonight, rather than move it tonight and then going to bed. This should be nearly seamless, but as always, there's a chance for glitches. Feel free to bug me with any problems on AIM (SN: Xepher42)

So this is a bit of short notice, but the company I work for offers discounted virtual servers to employees. They recently reopened the offering, and I think I'd be foolish not to take advantage of it... especially in light of the recent experiences I've had with the current hosting company. The good news is that this will be virtual machines, and as such, I can do a nearly-live migration to them, so there should only be an hour or two of downtime while I do the final data sync. Depending on the bandwidth usage, I may need to purchase two of them to handle the load here. If that ends up being the case, it'll mean having a live backup server ready to go in the event of problems. It also means that any/all hardware failures will fall to the host, and won't be an issue that I have to handle by remote. The final advantage is that the virtual machines will actually have more ram and cpu power than the current physical machine. Disk storage will be a bit more limited... still more than twice the current usage, but if grows a lot more, I may need to curtail the usage on a few of the more excessive accounts, but that shouldn't affect more than a handful of people.

Anyway, I've already got the new server, codenamed "Sirius", is already set up. I may make the switchover sometime in the next day or two, probably late at night. Most of you shouldn't even notice the change. I'm not canceling the old service just yet, as I want to try things out and see how the Sirius handles the load compared to Arclight (the current server) before committing to the full move. So far is seems quite a bit faster though, so my hopes are high, and the quality of service/bandwidth should be lightyears better.


I should pay attention more often :P XD