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Started by solitarymischief, October 20, 2005, 01:13:14 AM

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Hi there! Thanks for taking the time to review my application.^-^

My preferred username is such: thievesden

My email?: kmbe1 AT excite DOT com

And now, here's a not so brief explanation of why I want a site here:

I have a webmanga, called Thief!, that I've been working on since June, but unfortunately I've had no money, and nowhere to put it, except deviantart. I would like a to have a place of my own for my comic, and when I found this, I thought it was absolutely perfect.

What is this webcomic?

It is a story of a two brothers of a race called Felinia in the world Gideon. The oldest, Deeko is a street thief who is trying to teach his younger brother, Milo the trade. One day, he steals a valuable artifact belonging to an old lady. The old lady turns out to be an ancient spirit in disguise. Angry at Deeko, she kidnaps the      he loves, a flower-seller by the name of Lleia, and spirits away to her home. Deeko and Milo journey to save Lliea before the longest night of the year, when the spirit, freed from an ancient curse keeping her on Gideon, returns to her home in the heavens. Along the way, Deeko and Milo meet some unlikely companions who accompany them on their quest.

The site I've put the cover page and the first page on:

Unfortunately, to be honest, I still don't have much in the way of HTML skills yet, but I have a friend who is more than willing to teach me what I need to know.

Another note: What you see of page 1 is badly done in my opinion, eventually, everything will end up like the cover page- nice and tidy. Ooh, and colored. Colored is good.

Again, thanks ever so much for reviewing my application, and I've left anything out, feel free to mention it. Which I have no doubt you'll do.^-^
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Well, sounds like a real interesting story, and Im picky about those things. Try , they have a huge library of html tutorials and lessons. Check it out. Good luck on your application.


Thanks so much! That site looks really helpful.^^
I'm that little shadow that steals your car keys and puts them in your shoe...


*cough* Having read Xepher's last post  on the application status, about applicants leaving, I would just like to say I'm still here and patiently waiting. No leaving for me.^^
I'm that little shadow that steals your car keys and puts them in your shoe...