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Governing Council

Started by Scott, May 02, 2009, 12:46:40 AM

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While commenting on works in progress has obvious limits, I felt I just had to speak up on this one.  Benj, you rock!  I'm looking forward to the completed version of this, but your script says it all.  I'd never imagined a council of Jennies, but out of infinite universes some of them must dig formalities and organization, right?  Also, it's fun to watch Jennies disagreeing with herselves.

There's something delightfully surreal about group scenes with only Jenny Everywhere.

For anyone who's somehow not seen this, the incomplete version is here and you should check it out.

(Fixed link)

El Presedente

I couldn't agree more, apart from the artwork being lovely I love the idea of different Jennys sharing different ideologies. Who gets to decide who sits on the council I wonder? Is it democraticly elected or might makes right?


Good question.  The easy answer is that Jenny decides, but that doesn't tell the rest of us anything.  Indeed, the very idea of 'democratically elected' raises questions when all the candidates are in some sense the same person and the potential electorate is infinite.  Maybe it's more like a popularity contest or many volunteer groups, where a Jenny who's into networking and doing council stuff works her way into more central positions.  Or maybe it's like jury duty and random samples of Jenny get plucked out of their worlds to sit on the council for a while.


This is actually fairly old, as I recall... and I don't know if he has plans to complete it or not. THough hopefully he sees this post anyway :P


Ah yes, the Governing Council. This IS quite old. I was working with another artist on it back in the day and it kind of just fell through. Can't honestly remember why. There may come a time when I just sit down and do up the art for it, but I'm not sure when that might happen.

I'm glad that you liked the script, it was fun to write. :)


Well, I'm verbally oriented so wordless art doesn't always do it for me; the script, along with what art did get done, told the story for me just fine.

This may be an odd question, but since it's not being used, are there any limitations on that art?  While I was catching up on my prose stories it occurred to me that the panel on page two of three Jennies together could be repurposed as illustration for Second Date.  Would that be cool or is it spoken for?

(My own latest work, Camera Shy, awaits only my conquest of Open Office's convert-to-html feature, possibly in armed combat.  I'll mention it on the board.)

BTW, I've just an hour or two back discovered I Am Geek; now I have yet another webcomic to keep up on!


Well hopefully I Am Geek doesn't disappoint you. I'm often scared that what I find funny might not make the slightest bit of sense to anyone else.

As for the art, I don't really think that it's my place to say whether or not it can be used for anything. I'm fairly certain that the artist is on Deviant Art, if you're determined to use it I would start there.


After having thought about it a day or two, I decided the text worked better without any distracting art anyway.  Should I change my mind, I'll go looking.  Thanks, though.

As for I Am Geek...  Your webcomic sucked up hours of my life as I had to go through the whole thing from the beginning!  Perhaps it says something about me that I've seen these behaviours in my own friends.  It helps to know the lifestyle from the inside, as in Faans and Devil's Panties; we couldn't make up people like these, could we?