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Route 15 Webcomic

Started by psychobob, May 03, 2009, 10:15:21 PM

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Username: Route 15

Website in question: 

Site Description: It's a webcomic filled with drugs, violence and psychofish!

Why?: I know I know! I have a site on Xepher and have been mooching off webspace already ( But after some debating, I realize I could use a new account to put this project in. The comic (and a possible sequel) is a product of a collaboration and my co-author Vince ( ) is taking over the cel-shading especially once the comic reaches its night scenes...which is about 7-10 pages away. I feel the new account is necessary since we need the space to transfer .PSD files between us without him touching the files on my "psychobob" account. Vince will be hosting some of his sketches/art/stories too but I'll make sure to nag him threefold if he doesn't make himself a gallery page.

And if that's not enough, you can stick me THE CHALLENGE.

(Btw, thanks Xepher for everything you've done!)


I can vouch for her... but I am biased. ;)
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Heh... no worries, I'm sold on Jen's art already. Just gimme a bit to get around to proving and setting up new accounts. Bug me if I forget.


Yay! I'll nudge you soon, no hurries. Right now, my last two weeks of school are a killer  (6 tests in 2 weeks and this is just two classes x__x)


Oh, I just noticed... the username isn't valid. No spaces, all lowercase. You want "route15" instead?


Hey, never heard back from you on this. Still want the account?