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Camera Shy: new Jenny prose story

Started by Scott, May 09, 2009, 02:42:30 PM

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While many really talented artists have tackled Jenny Everywhere stories, I am not one of those skillful artists.  However, I can type and so have produced prose fiction; you can read Camera Shy on my Jenny site now.

My apologies to anyone who looked there earlier; I had forgotten that I'd left draft copies of the earlier two stories up there until I checked in for probably the first time this year.  That's now been corrected; more polished and better formatted versions are available.

PS: Checking again with Firefox rather than IE, it seems google sites is doing something odd with formatting.  Everything is readable, but it's not perfectly pretty yet.  Please be patient while I sort that out.


I'll have to remember this when I update the Written Stories section of Jenny... To which I am behind... I think... because I keep forgetting... I'll have to check the old forums to see if I missed some there too.


No problem; I'm just glad I noticed that the old draft versions were still hanging around.  If I figure out how to put up my html instead of google's stripped-out version, so much the better.

It's nice to see more Jenny pieces are being done, out in the wilds of the internet - the archive has things from just a few days ago.

I'll keep thinking about Jenny stories, but nothing's come together yet.