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[5/15/2009] Addicted to Learning... Or Afraid to Move On

Started by chucklyfun, May 18, 2009, 08:45:02 PM

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Ardra earned several degrees between 12 and 15?
Ardra seems to have absorbed some of fellow girl genius Agatha Heterodyne's insanity.
Ardra's belt buckle is nearly worthy of a cowboy.  It really needs a fancy design on it, but the size is impressive already.
Ardra's hunger for learning leads her to Japanese cooking school?


Quote from: chucklyfun on May 18, 2009, 08:45:02 PM
Ardra's hunger for learning leads her to Japanese cooking school?

I think it was hunger in general... so much studies, so little time... :D
Seriously Suzy - now celebrating five years of irregular updates! :-P


It was actually 16, not 15 (typo/miswrite of the script), but yeah, Ardra really took on full courseloads.  Not having a life certainly helps.

The last panel and the buildup to it made me think of "Girl Genius" too.  Glad I wasn't the only one!

Ardra's belt buckle actually contains several small tools, which she sometimes uses to conduct experiments while she's out of the house.  Remember the tool kit from this comic?  She puts that in her belt buckle now.  It's the Bruce Wayne model.  :)

Ardra was really wanting a drastic change in her life, so she decided to immerse herself in a different culture, while learning a useful skill.