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Started by Memo333, October 09, 2005, 02:13:12 AM

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okay, #1 your site is, well.....non-existant. Not only is it ONLY an archive site, but it's the kind I hate where you have to click the link, read it, press the back button and repeat the whole process. Also, if you're afraid of hackers and art theft, take a look around. This is the net here, NOWHERE is safe. Sure we're all nice people and all, but that doesn't mean that hackers and art thieves don't come around here once in a while.

Also, I can't understand your comic. The concept itself, yes, but the dialogue and structuring (along with those spelling/grammar errors that just irk me) make it kinda hard. Granted I only got to go to about page 26 before geocities copped out on me (curse you geocities! CURSE YOU!!).

Anyway your art style isn't bad, and if you improved upon the page structure and the site's look you would have a much better chance here.

good luck~
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I'm a bit confused on this one
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hello? I haven't seen any progress with this one yet, and you haven't replied or even seem to have acknowledged Ticky's reply, do you still want this site?
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Eh, maybe he doesn't log in every day or every other day.
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oops, I seriously misjudged the time. I thought this was from two weeks back ^^;
"Don't follow into my footsteps; I walk into walls."