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Hello all,

I recently installed a paintchat (located here) and though I configured the canvas width and height with SSH, the values didn't take. The configuration file displays them the way I entered them but the canvas is stuck at the tiny default size. I backed out, turned everything off and back on again a few times to no avail. (All of my other configuration settings worked flawlessly on the first try, however.)

I was wondering if anyone else has encountered this issue and might know a solution?

Thanks very much!

What size did you set it to? It shows up huge on my screen when I go there, and I have a 24" monitor that's 1920x1200. I'd estimate it's at least 1280x1024 in size.

Well, I set it to 1500 x 2500 or something and it's showing up at the default 1200 x 900.

I call that tiny I suppose because I'm accustomed to paintchat boards holding ten to twenty users at once and the canvas size is generally enormous so that everyone can have room to draw at the same time. The default canvas is sufficient for a few artists at one time, but not for very many. If you Google paintchats, you'll find boards that have canvas sizes that range around 2000 x 4000 and higher probably.

I'm wondering why my configured settings aren't being applied...

I can't rightly say. Most of the oekaki I'd seen before were usually around 400x400 or so. Granted, I don't ever use 'em myself, so I haven't seen one in a while. You may have to check with other people that use your particular paintchat app though, see if they have ideas. Make sure your settings are being overwritten somewhere else... e.g. multiple config files or some such.

Okay, thanks. It's actually not an oekaki-- multiple people draw on the same canvas at once in paintchat whereas oekaki is not interactive, it's one user only.

Thank you though, I will check around and see what I can find out from other people. It may just be the size limit on the particular version of the applet I installed (hard to tell because the program was written in Japanese and specs/config translations are virtually nonexistent).

If I find out how to fix it, I'll post here for posterity.


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