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[6/9/2009] Otto Efficiency


Didn't remember this character.  Didn't even recognize him when I looked through the cast page.  It took me a second look.
Ardra likes the hands on approach to science?  Where are the test tubes, distilleries, and flasks?
More explosions remind us why science is so great.  Except the explosion is in magenta.  Was it an explosion of love?  Telekinesis?  I'm starting to get a little confused.

You don't remember Otto?  He was introduced in the "Family Reunion" storyline.  Of course, most people remember that one for Ardrienne.

Ardra was just finishing up what she thought would be a simple mixture, so none of that other stuff was neccessary at that point.  And as Freud might say, sometimes an explosion is just an explosion.


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