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Sleep Pending Webcomic, but mostly Art/Photography Gallery

Started by wist, June 26, 2009, 09:28:58 PM

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Username: wisterium

E-Mail: wisterium(at)gmail(dot)com

I've known about this site for some months now but was waiting to restart my comic, and to gather together some work I was more proud of than what I had at the time. When I did have some stuff ready, there were no openings, so now's a good time for me to try for an application.

I'm still practicing with my media but I expect to get much better with both my illustrations, crafts and photography skills.

Here are the current places hosting my work. <---- general Art things <--- my livejournal <--- my blog, where my comic is hosted.


WIP Polar bear craft:

Some guy's head:

Some abstract:

Some girl's bust:

Some Photography:

I was mainly hoping to use the hosting space, if I got in, to host an online gallery of my works, instead of having to rely of deviantart.

On to the webcomic under the title of "Sleep Pending":

Its rating should be older teen. There is some, but no excessive course language and some mature ideas. There won't be any gratuitous violence or sex. If any at all, it would be rendered in a tasteful artistic way.

My webcomic is currently on hiatus for the summer while I work on getting a bunch of pages finished so that updating will be easy. The comic is slated to start a little before September 1st.  It will be updated weekly, unless I get a lot of pages done in advance; then bi-weekly. Weekly was the original schedule I was holding.

Here is the current un-updated archive of my pages:
Here are some random pages from the comic:

Comic plot in a nutshell:
It starts out as a slice of life comic about a foreign student studying in med school in the USA. He meets a guy in a park and his life gets progressively more bizarre as the park guy brings a fantasy element into the story (likes rotting dragons, angry talking animals and magic). Through a few mishaps, the protagonist is forced to face his own personal life problems (taxes, exams and cultural family issues). Then off everyone goes to a magical fantasy land that also has it's own problems as well (ethical, moral and religious).

I hope that this sort of thing won't require a warning, but there will be affection in my plot. Namely Affection between men and women, women and other women and men and other men. Some people are sensitive to this sort of thing so I guess I should mention it now.

The genre I'm aiming for will be emphasis on comedy and then depending on how things roll, action/adventure + romance + environmental issues (which nowadays is almost a genre in itself)

On top of the visual stuff, I also write fiction. I was hoping to link some of that work to my gallery as well.

And on top of the information, I'll take the Challenge please. ... Mostly because I want to answer the questions for fun...

Well I think that about covers everything... Fingers crossed I get in and didn't forget anything.


So far, I like what I see. I just got back in town after a weekend running around to austin and houston, so I'll take another look here in a day or so.

I know you emailed me worried about my leaving... I'm not headed out until July 17th this time, so I'll make sure to make a final call before I go. Remind me the 10th or so if somehow forget by then. I SHOULD hopefully get to this in the next couple of days though.


Very good Captain! Will do.
I've just moved to Toronto for work today, and I've had to send off my laptop for repair. So unless I can find an online website manager, I'm not too sure how i'll be able to immediately upload some files/ html.
I immagien I'll be able to get something up somehow though, so no rush.


Got your reminder email... I'm keeping it marked "unread" to remind me here. I'm busy packing for the trip and running some errands today, but I'm going to go through the open applications and take care of things before I leave on the trip. Probably tonight or tomorrow.


Alright, you're in. You should have an email with login information.