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San Diego: America's Squid Capital?


Swikan (of the comic "Life's A Witch") posted this on Twitter:

I think Lenore's going to want Ardra to take a vacation in San Diego this year.  There's fine cuisine to be had!  SQUIDELICIOUS!

She'd probably just stand on shore and lift the squid out of the water with her mind.  As the old saying goes, give a super-intelligent girl with psychokenetic powers a giant squid, and feed her for a day.  Teach a super-intelligent girl with psychokenetic powers to fish for giant squid using her mind, and feed her for life!

That could be an interesting battle in a future comic - Lenore vs. giant Humboldt squid! :D

Because this forum's been dead for waaaay too long (somebody really needs to take over chucklyfun's old "comic review" postings), here's some giant squid-related news:

*shivers* No wonder I don't eat a lot of seafood... o_O


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