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Homeworld's Gallery application

Started by homeworld, October 05, 2005, 03:53:35 PM

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username: homeworld
E-mail address:   
Site description: The site will be used for showcasing an art gallery, and for image hosting. Possible nude content, and anatomical studies (bones, muscles, that kind of things)

Hello, my name is Daniel Filimon, i'm a trainee artist, and i'd like to get some webhosting on! Here's some of my stuff i've uploaded on a photobucket account: . Even though i don't have a website right now, you can check out a bit of my previous webdesign work here: . That site also has some older artwork, about 6 months old. Feel free to nitpick and ask whatever questions you have :)


You have the same tablet as I do, rock on. I don't have a fancy large desk to put it on tho. :p

You certainly are talented.
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I like your stuff. And I'm envious of your anatomy practice - I know nuuuhhthing. Every so often I get irritated about it and start looking up pictures of muscles and joints and things. Then I loose interest and go back to 'well it looks about right, and who's checking?'. Lazy, lazy. Your sketching reminds me bit of a good art book I found once - I think it was Dynamic Figure Drawing or something? Wish I still had a copy.
So, yeah...


i think you're talking about Dynamic Figure Drawing by Burne Hogarth :P  that's a very good book, or so i've heard, i've never had the opportunity to study from a 'real' book, only from the internet. Lots of resources here as well, though, many people willing to help. Anatomy gets incredibly interesting after you grasp the basics :P


Yeah well, most things are interesting once you get into them - but you have to grasp the basics first! I need more patience :)
So, yeah...


Wowies, a nice variety of stuff there. Some simple yet complex designs. And I like your anatomy practice, too. Currently I'm looking into getting that book that was mentioned, hehehe.
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heh hhe, that's pretty nifty, although the flash is a little out of place in the middle of white. I like your work, hope you get in!
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I hope i get in too :)  i'm gonna keep updating the photobucket account with new art, since my 'main' photobucket account just got filled up 100%..


Hello! I'm still here :o  the photobucket account is slowly filling up, here's some recent stuff i made..

last one's still a wip :)  see you around!


Okay, you're in. You should have an email with instructions. Please follow them, and ask if you have questions.