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More Open Source Characters

Started by MadMikeyD, September 16, 2009, 07:44:51 PM

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After I discovered Jenny Everywhere I decided to release some characters a friend and I created as open-source characters.  I added them to the Public Domain Super Heroes wiki site:

Now, other creators have begun to follow suit and the list of original open-source characters is growing:


I lost contact with you a while back. Can you send me a new e-mail? Also, might you be interested in comeing on The Webcomic Beacon Podcast to talk about this site?


I saw the characters some time ago (probably shortly after you added them) and have been adding a few to my long-distance plans for the Jenny Everywhere Chronicles. Battle-Cry and Jackpott will definitely be making an appearance at some point (potentially soon).


@Fes - I'll e-mail soon

@Benj - Sweet!  I can't wait to see what someone else does with Jackpott!  While the Outworlder was originally designed as our core character, I always thought Jackpott had some interesting potential.  Happy to see you at the wiki, by the way.

On a side note, this is a reminder I need to finish my Jenny storyline...