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What are YOU doing with your life?

Started by Xepher, September 26, 2009, 04:55:37 AM

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I want to animate! But I can't choose between Pixar, 2d Disney, or some cartoon network gig. Though right now, i'd settle for anything


Heh.  Playing multiple instruments is overrated.  It somehow always works out that the ones you want to focus on the most are the ones that no one wants to hear you play.  *stares mournfully at a violin, an electric bass, an electric guitar, and a flute*

As for what I'm doing.... well, I was strongly advised into the job I'm in, and I hate it so very much.  I've been thinking about my childhood dreams again (forensic pathologist), but the idea of going back to school is horrifying.  I guess I'm just doing nothing and going nowhere.


What job are you in?

I'm thinking of going back to school in something fabrication based. I would like to try my hand at metal working or a machinist. I've never really been suited for a "white collar".

Unfortunatly as with everything else in my province, the job market for that is sporadic.
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I'm a church musician.  Unfortunately, the actual music part of it isn't much.  Too much satisfying people who will never be happy.

The fabrication field is just so wide open and interesting.  They have some of the best toys in the world.  I tried to get into the pipe organ building field, which has a lot of metalworking, carpentry, and electronics, but I seem to always run into the gender-biased people.  They don't care what kind of experience I have, they see my name, and close the door.


L-O-L. Resurrecting a dead topic, but I'm genuinely interested in hearing from more of the community on this topic. [Also, I don't really have to introduce myself now]

But anyway, I'm just some University student waiting to graduate from business school.... but my real passion is the world of arts. I volunteer at a French hospital and Art gallery as well as work for a freelance art consultant. I can't sing to save my life, but  do speak English, Vietnamese and French, plus I can play the flute. Goals include: learning to draw and learning to code websites.

Axle Greymoon

Im trying to promote myself by working to my dreams of working with animals and becoming a great furry artist. i currently have 433 different styles on drawing. (yes to inform you I do have a life)I also create rave music for when im bored things to do.
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Idly getting through University, with a degree in Mathematics. In the end I'd like to teach, but I'll leave that for when I'm old and decrepit, and can mull over the life of kids these days (I do already... meh).

My end goal is to tear down this sad attempt of an education system we have, but before that... anything works.
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