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Xepher's Moving (Again!)

Started by Xepher, December 02, 2009, 05:12:17 AM

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It's a short/easy move this time though. From San Antonio over to Houston. Shouldn't affect at all, and really, I just felt like making an announcement. :-)


You move a lot... how in the world do you get the $$ to move so often!
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He's importing sweet sweet canadian maple syrup and selling it old-school on the black market.
Pizza party! Pizza for everyone!....who has money?


did you get any of that snow that we had the other day? :)


It doesn't cost me anything to move usually. Well, other than gas to drive the distance. It's really convenient to be unemployed at the time though. :-)

And sadly, I missed all the snow. In san antonio, it was supposed to be bad, snowy weather all day friday, so I put off moving until saturday. Houston got all the snow friday, and it was sunny in SA. Then I moved saturday, and it was clear again here in Houston.

But yeah, in case you haven't deduced it, I'm done moving, and back online in Houston now. I also really want maple syrup now.