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Ink Student

Started by taboo, December 02, 2009, 06:58:13 AM

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Username: inkstudent

hobomaster at gmail dot com

Hi! I was recommended this site by my friend, senshuu. I am currently taking a portfolio class and I need a place to put up my website by december 12. I just need some room to put up some of my artwork and host a few of my animations. Until I actually get my own domain, I'll keep the site updated regularly with new art and whatnot. Since this will be my portfolio site, I'll keep it clean.

Here's some examples of my work:

and my demoreel

I have already created the site in Dreamweaver:

I'm sorry to ask for a decision so soon, but thank you for hosting this site and reviewing my application. :)


Well, the art definitely impresses, thought I'm a bit hesitant due to the deadline and nature of the need. What's to say you'll actually keep updating (or otherwise care about) a site after your class assignment is complete? Are you looking for a long term site/project here, or just something to get you through your final exam?


I'll definentally keep updating. I create art on a pretty regular basis (as of my initial post, i've created and i'm working on two animations, one probably being a long term deal ( , , )) and I'm putting together a sculpture show for next spring.

during the off months, i have a webcomic I work on (updated 2x a week). it's currently hosted on smackjeeves.

Though I need it relatively soon, I have been looking to create my own website for a year or so now. I only heard about this place very recently, but I would have loved to apply much sooner than I have. :)


Alright, I'm gonna say yes on this one. I'm in the middle of a move right now though, so I'll setup the account once I get unpacked at the other end. If you haven't heard anything by wednesday, give this thread a poke to remind me and I'll get on it.


Alright, I've setup your account. You should have an email with login info and instructions.


Thank you so much! You're a lifesaver <3