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Ohh web design bugs me so much sometimes!

I've noticed for a while that on some of my sites (like Millennium, once the page finishes loading, there's a weird space between the very top of the content area and the top of the web browser area, where there shouldn't be one. (This happens for most of my layouts that are designed to always touch the very top of areas.) Like, the space pops in as soon as the page finishes loading.

I'm thinking there's some kind of Javascript code I'm using that might be causing this, because it didn't always happen. Also, when you navigate to any other page on the site the space goes away and won't come back unless you're just loading up the site in a tab/browser window for the first time.

I know it's not just my PC since it happens in all browsers on any PC, so I'm wondering just what might be causing it and how to fix it. Hurrrm.

Try setting your top/bottom margin of your body tag.

Edit: Actually, I ran some debugging tools on your HTML/CSS, try looking at the attfc CSS class.  That seems to be the cause of all your top space issues. :)

The what wha? That's not something I defined in my stylesheets. Now I have to figure out what's causing that. e__e

Derp. I saw you sent me an offline IM about this, and when I IMed you again later you weren't there apparently. :V

Nah, right now I'm in school and work a lot, so even when I'm online I don't have a ton of time to spend on things like this.  Try just adding CSS for that in your stylesheet, it looks like something being auto-added to the top of your page.  What you may try doing is adding this to your CSS file:

--- Code: ---#attfc { display: none !important; }
--- End code ---

Edit: Actually I don't see it anymore, but it looked like a div with ad content in it auto-added to the code.


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