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The Road Trip (Redux)


The currently updating story in Ardra is a remake of the original "Road Trip" written and drawn by Jason.

This new versions has some character and plot tweeks and some new content! Written more or less by Jason and Fesworks, and Drawn by Trevor.

We're pegging this story to be printed in some fashion. It's likely that many of the old "Jason Art" comics and stories will be redone like this. POSSIBLY a couple of the early "Trevor Art" and "Fesworks Art" stories, if we get that far. We'll see.

It looks so much better now, doesn't it!  We have a lot planned for the future besides some great remake strips, though. Ardra may try her hand at dating again, or perhaps a certain villainous team-up hinted at in an earlier storyline might occur. Stay tuned, and thanks for reading Ardra!

new information coming monday, regarding Ardra and this storyline.


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