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Internet Age

Started by Xepher, March 05, 2010, 09:44:51 AM

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So I realized that I'm a geezer in internet years... I mean, "All your base" is my standby, and that's ancient, but before that, there was the original meme: All I can find is a remix version, but if this make you feel nostalgic, welcome to the dark ages. :-)


Pizza party! Pizza for everyone!....who has money?


You know, I have that in my iTunes :P
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You know what you doing.

Every time I heard that song I could have sworn that it was the song from Robin Hood...I didn't figure out that I was right for a while. :B
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(\_/)    ~Relakuyae D'Selemae
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Axle Greymoon

I remember the exact day i heard that the first time i was ..... 7 and my cousin had it on a cd we were playing pinball to it... Dont judge me... i was 7 ...>,>"/
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Good lord I still remember the first time I saw that. Gone are the days of the ilk of hamster dance, and Joe Cartoon.
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