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Black Pariah

Started by Rustcrust, June 06, 2010, 02:20:21 AM

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Greetings, and salutations!
I would very much enjoy having a cozy corner of cyberspace, pending your approval, for a site named Black Pariah.
The title, whilst sounding pretty groovy, is a minor allusion to an event in my fiction.  At the risk of sounding redundant, I am a fantasy/fiction writer, novelist-in-progress, and casual penner of short stories. For this, predictably i have a writing blog, as you may note, but some ends are best suited to other means. By this, I mean that my intent is to do an episodic series, on a weekly basis, reality allowing. Of course, I will (hypothetically, I'm not so arrogant as to assume) be posting short stories as they are written.
Excluding the rare bursts of nonfiction, all of my writing originates in the same world of my artifice. I havent yet settled on the series I want to do, but keeping with an episodic template, I am considering an unborn idea based on the premise of the classic masked vigilante. 'Sounds cliche, not classic, rust'. Why yes how astute! However looking back on my previous statement, the tweest here is that it takes place in a predominantly fantasy environment! Masked heroes with tails or horns, locking aforementioned parts in battle against their arch nemeses, and the like. Of course, I may go an entirely different route with a story i call 'Vampyramour'. I may do both. It is entirely up for discourse, I aim to please.
I find myself running our of things to say; hmm.
About me personally, I am a member of the mandalorian mercs costuming club (oya vode!), a moderate democrat, and a bald twenty two year old. The world works in mysterious ways.
Despite what i feel to be a fairly comprehensive introduction, I say to you bring on the challenge!
I will hold you to your 'no wrong answers' statement, though not to say I am unintelligent. My point being, whilst my answers may be inaccurate they are more than likely to give you a chuckle. I look forward to workign with you in the future.

In the event you do not wish to browse my blog-- I can hardly do it myself (though i can fend for myself in html)-- I will provide you as a parting remark, a small excerpt of my work.


The story starts the day they say she can't be found.
The messenger kneels meekly, trembling before his master. The dark elf seated before him rubs his chin in thought.
"Well that's no good," he says finally, contrary to the expectation of the messenger, catatonic with fear. "Stand up; you look like you're about to pass out." The messenger glances at the armed guards stationed in the room. Neither of them seem ready to execute him; maybe he is over thinking the situation. The prime minister did seem to be taking the news well. He stands, and begins pacing.
"This is no good at all. We'll have to redouble our efforts. You've done a commendable job, young man and i shall see you are so rewarded. Now go take some time off, i have things to attend to."
The messenger smiles gratefully and walks out of the room; he was practically skipping.
"Now then." The prime minister waves over two of his guard: humourless looking dark elves who could be mistaken for trolls. "See that he doesn't make it out, will you? And you– fetch me the sister. Seems it will take a D'Lumis to catch a D'Lumis."
"It will not be long, before the dawn brother! I shall be the herald of this black sunrise, seeping salvation across the land, and all will know the peace of inexistance!"


Challenge, eh? Hmm... methinks you may actually have the verbal aptitude to survive. :-)

Let us begin!

1. In what state did they find the corpse?

2. Falcon 9: better than falcon punch?

3. If Muhammad's image has never been shown, how do we know we haven't already seen it?

4. The Rye or the Kaiser?

5. Fnord!


1. In a state of decomposition!
2. A stalemate broken by the millenium falcon.
3. Ah, a lovely question. The thing about human perception is that we see what we choose to see. Or, equally, what we are educated to see. If one has never even heard the name, how will he ever see it? For to know you see it is to know what you see. At the same time if you choose to believe that anything-- from a man vending slurpees to a police sketch-- is the visage of the reticent muslim phrophet, well then congratulations to you, the proverbial waldo is found. Sorry that one went on a bit.
4. Or the wheat or the white? Maybe I can suggest an appetizer. The fact of the matter is there are far too many good grain products out there to settle down with one. I like sandwiches on untoasted bagels.
5. I want to say something in reference to the illuminati, but the funnier single-word response is merely: "Excelsior!"

Addendum: Fixed some typos.
Also, it occurs to me I may not have provided my initial site, which is
After reviewing some other applications, anxiety grows like a tumor with lips, whispering to the cloistered folds of my brain that i may have misrepresented myself. I await further discussion.
"It will not be long, before the dawn brother! I shall be the herald of this black sunrise, seeping salvation across the land, and all will know the peace of inexistance!"


6. What's your favorite book? Why?

7. If you're in a spaceship, orbiting a planet, and you need to dock with another ship, in an identical orbital track, but several minutes behind you, what maneuver do you perform?

8. If you could send one message to everyone in the world, but had to limit it to five words or less, what five words would you send? For the sake of simplicity, assume it's being beamed into everyone's head and magically translated to something they understand.

9. The singularity is coming. Would you rather live forever through genetic engineering, cloning, and other biological advances, or be uploaded into a computer? Why?

10. What's the most poetic phrase you've ever heard? E.x. some of my favorites are "Airplanes dance behind your eyes",  "Primal screams and ocean dreams", "The war was in color", and "Upon the end of your feral days."


6. My favorite book... Ah, how do you pick the one strand of scent in an eclectic bouquet that most pleases you? Reflexively, I want to name something by Robert Heinlein; however, I must lay the title to the hat book, by Dr Seuss. The very first book I ever read, at the age of three. That book is the basis for much of what I do today, having primed my developing mind for a world of infinite shapes, colors, and non eucledian hat-physics.

7. Hm. An intimidating question, but I beleive I have the answer. Assuming I interpreted you right, I ought position my ship a measureable distance away from the planet. The reasons vary: In the dead of space, which assumably is a short jaunt from the planet, one would find it much easier to dock two vessels than doing so whilst running circuits round earth, not unlike eagles mating. That considered, it is entirely feasible that I shortened the length of time to wait for the other ship, unless it comes not from the inky void but from around the planet or somesuch. If the wait is still noteworthy, I maneuver to the 'Captains Quarters' in preparation for docking. It can not be good manners to be dancing after the (presumably) lengthy docking procedure.

8. Ah, with this question you have given me the 'golden ticket' my friend. In saying that my five words of communication can be translated into any other medium, better to understand me, why then I would express myself with complex, heartfelt enunciations, made of complete gibberish to any but myself, but each of the five bearing with it a lifetime's worth of meaning. When translated and distributed everyone would invariably receive the words etched upon my soul, regarding life, love, art, humanity, and squirrel appreciation.

9. The answer requires a bit of thought, yet I can definitively say that assuming the final solutuion in computers, I would wish every one and zero making up my mind, memories, body, and whatnot to be digitalized. In this day and age, even, the moment something touches the digital world, released into the sea that is the internet, it becomes effectively immortalized. Assumably with the technology to upload me into a computer, any so silly enough to want me back need only extract what they need from my file and give it an organic base. Not recommended though, one picks up nasty things on the internet.

10.The most poetic phrase I have ever heard? Hmm. The most thought provoking yet beautiful. Let me see..
Ah, this IS fortunate, because now I DO get to reference Robert Heinlein:
"By cultivating the beautiful we scatter the seeds of heavenly flowers, as by doing good we cultivate those that belong to humanity."

I hope I reach your expectations, Xepher.
I am thoroughly enjoying this question-and-answer session, as it is not everyday people ask me a question with no other intent than to weigh my answer.
"It will not be long, before the dawn brother! I shall be the herald of this black sunrise, seeping salvation across the land, and all will know the peace of inexistance!"


Well, you missed 7... the question was about orbital mechanics. A prograde burn (or "speeding up") puts you in a higher orbit, taking a longer path, and thus allows the other ship to catch up. The rest were decent though, but you missed pop culture references I tossed in for fun. E.g. "The Rye or the Kasier" is Weird Al's version of Eye of the Tiger. :-)

Still though, you pass. Your site is fairly simplistic looking, but you do have a knack for words, and since it's writing you intend, I think that'll have to do. Your reading could use some work though... you obviously missed the section of the instructions telling you to give a desired username (and email address in the body of the post.) I need those before I can set up an account.


I think some of the rockiness comes from misinterpretation of one another. When you said the rye or the kaiser, I responded, or the wheat or the white, maybe I can suggest an appetizer. You see, I was continuing the song. I know that particular weid al jingle from AMV hell 3.
And I apologize, i did fubar 7 bad, and I knew it. I tried to make up for my lack of know-how with sheer enthusiasm ^_^

The rest is inexcusable, I understand now; as i said, I wish i would have done my research a bit better, as opposed to cannoning myself into this.


heheh. Forgive my lack of eloquence, I'm quite taken aback. I saw my post update and expected a text-based beating with rebar.

"It will not be long, before the dawn brother! I shall be the herald of this black sunrise, seeping salvation across the land, and all will know the peace of inexistance!"


No need to apologize, I never expect everyone to get all of it. Also, it's my own fault I didn't recognize you WERE continuing the weird al lyrics. Duh!

I'll setup an account now... get back to you in a few.


"It will not be long, before the dawn brother! I shall be the herald of this black sunrise, seeping salvation across the land, and all will know the peace of inexistance!"


Alright, account is setup. You should have an email with instructions.