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I was wondering if you can delete my site?

Started by gracey, March 14, 2010, 04:24:14 PM

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Before everything, I want to say that I'm so grateful that you chose me to be hosted all those years ago. I really did have fun and truly put myself out there because you gave me a voice and platform. Xepher, you are a great host of hosts. If you ever find yourself in the Seoul, South Korea area, you email me. I'll show you what kind of hostess I can be.

I feel that I haven't been very attentive to my site for so many reasons life has given me. I have only periodically come around to see what is going on with this forum as a lurker. I see that I am still a member and I don't feel I deserve to be one anymore.

I have been living in South Korea for a while now working as an ESL teacher, my time is too fixed and I barely have time to even look at the computer unless it's to check emails and use instant gratification sites like Facebook.

I need closure and a sense of privacy. I also couldn't find the button on the User Services page.
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Sure thing... there is no delete "button" for a reason. It's something I want to have to personally approve and take care of, lest someone accidentally do something stupid. Sorry to see you go, but totally understandable. Times change and all that. I'll get around to actually removing the account in the next day or two.

Best of luck on everything!


Thanks so much.

I'll still come around the forums from time to time to see what new sites you have and the talent on here, if you'll have still have me. I really enjoy this forum after all these years.

I kinda figured you'd reserve the DELETE button for the truly resolved. I really did think alot about it, and even tried to spend time working things out in my head. But I believe it's time.

I'm serious about the emailing me if you ever travel in my part of the world. I'll be here for another year or two. Trust me, it's a different world over here!
"Watch it Jeff, she's packing ovaries!" - Patrick, Coupling


*nods* Everyone's always welcome on the forums.

As for korea, it'll probably be more than a few years before I get that direction. I've been to Japan and India before, and I'm gonna focus my travel the next few years on Europe (and maybe Australia/New Zealand) since I've seen less of that part of the world. Thank you for the offer though. If for some reason I do end up going to that part of the world, I'll let you know. :-)


A few years? I don't know if I'm gonna be here that long. I'm probably heading for Europe too in the next few years for a long needed bucket list kick off. I'll be going to visit Turkey, Egypt and Greece soon, then back to Korea for more English teacher work!

I'm trying to get to India to see the Taj Mahal but I keep getting put off. I also want to go to New Zealand and I want to see Christmas Island...too much world to see, I guess.

Offer is good whenever, if I'm still in the vicinity. You've found a friend in me for sure.
"Watch it Jeff, she's packing ovaries!" - Patrick, Coupling


Heh, no worries... my plans are always in so much flux anyway. Right now, I'm thinking I may move to Washington or Oregon in a month or two. I'm just fed up with the heat and traffic here in Houston. I'm currently planning a camping trip up that way with friends, and we're gonna try to go to Banff and Jasper national parks up in Canada too. Next week, it could be entirely different.


pft, a weekend on george street is all the canadian exposure you need.
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After hearing an experience from a friend of mine who went to Canada and ended up in a whole lot of legal trouble over absolutely nothing (as in, both their prosecution and defense can't even classify it but are still proceeding with shit), I think I'd just plain avoid that place.  >.>;
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If I avoided going places just because some of the people in charge there are stupid, I'd be limited to perhaps a few small islands inhabited only by seals and/or birds.

Also, I've had a "comical" run-in with the guards at the Canadian border once before on a road trip. Apparently if your brother (who's in the car) looks like a super-white bob marley, and was born in Abu Dhabi, they "randomly" select you for a full vehicle search and interrogation. Also, they refuse to believe that, being from Texas, we didn't have any guns. Seriously... that customs form, question #6 is something about having firearms, and we circle no, but afterwards they look at your forms and ask you all the exact same questions verbally.

Guard: Do you have any firearms or weapons?
Me: No.
Guard: You're from Texas, and you don't have any guns?
Me: I have LOTS of guns, I just didn't bring them to Canada.
Guard: Don't get smart with me.

(Later in the conversation)

Guard: Do you have any animal or vegetable products?
Me: No.
Guard: No plants or animals products of any kind?
Me: Well, we have potato chips, cereal, some milk, etc.
Guard: I told you not to get smart with me.
Me (Thinking): Then don't get so dumb with me!
Me (Speaking): Sorry, I thought potatoes were vegetables.
Guard: Hmph.


Guard: So how long were you in Canada?
Me: Just a few hours, we drove up for a day trip from Seattle.
Guard: You drove all the way from Texas to go to Canada for one day?
Me: No, it's a road trip, we drove through Yellowstone, Montana, etc. Vancouver was just a day-long excursion today.
Guard: But none of you have jobs, right?
Me: No sir.
Guard: Then how can you afford to take weeks to drive across the country?
Me: As I said, I just graduated college a week ago, and I'd been saving up my money.
Guard: And your friends?
Me: My parents paid my brother's way, and Will saved up his own money too.
Guard: So you're 23 and making so much money you can afford an international road trip?
Me: No... I'm just careful with my money.
Guard: Hmph.

The icing on the cake was when they finally let us go. We head to the car, and on the way there we meet the dog search team that was searching our car. They look at us and say:

Inspector: That's not funny.
Me: What's not?
Inspector: Don't do that again, it drives the dogs crazy, and it's not funny.
Me: I honestly don't know what you're talking about.
Inspector: Don't hide stuff up in the springs of the seats like that.
Me (Thinking): Oh frak... my brother's back into drugs again, and had some with him. Oh we're screwed.
Me (Speaking): What do you mean?
Inspector: All the old food wrappers and things stuffed inside your rear seat.
My Brother: My bad... I uh....
Me: What the heck did you do?

We get to the car, and turns out for the past week or more of driving, my brother had been taking all his hamburger wrappers and such, and shoving them up into the springs underneath the back seat, rather than throwing them away like the rest of us. To this day, I have NO idea what made him do that. If he thought it was funny to make my car smell like stale french fries or what, but because of that, the search team had torn apart all our luggage and ransacked everything after the dogs went crazy for the food wrappers. Thankfully they stopped short of actually damaging anything, but we had to repack most of our stuff.


Glad you talked about that, I now have some things to frack with them if I ever go.  It'd almost be worth it to video cam it on my cell and YouTube it later on once back in the U.S.  Especially if you could keep an eye out and get names of officers.  :P

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